Verify your training certificate via RITM LDIS

The public and interested parties are now able to verify the legitimacy of an RITM-issued training certificate through the verification system featured in the Institute’s Learning and Development Information System (LDIS).

To verify a certificate, the system will require the users to input the Certificate Control Numbers and the surname of the participant or that of the resource person. This verification feature is only available for issued certificates with designated Certificate Control Numbers carrying the calendar year, the participant or lecturer number, and the training code unique to each learning and development intervention.

Last year alone, RITM conducted 93 learning interventions for external stakeholders, issuing certificates for a total of 3,833 participants. The RITM Committee for Learning Development (CLD) launched the certificate verification system in October 2021 in response to the fraudulent replication of RITM training certificates.

The verification page may be accessed through the link or by scanning the QR code located on the lower-left corner of the certificate.

The verification result will directly pop up on screen upon data entry.

by Reina Manongsong, Communication and Engagement Office