TTI-NRL trains medtechs on quality testing of blood units

Participants undergo a lab procedure test on blood testing

Thirty-four (34) medical technologists from blood service facilities across the country underwent a six-day training course, designed for the special proficiency skill in HIV and other Transfusion Transmissible Infection (TTI) testing.

RITM TTI-NRL Medtech III Iza Mae Chamen emphasized that this workshop “will help ensure the safety of the blood supply provided to patients by participating blood service facilities.

Chamen added that skills in quality assurance practices, technical proficiency in testing, and the standards and policies in blood safety are imparted to the participants through lectures, didactics, laboratory work, and demonstration.

Not only are the participants trained to become skilled in testing for TTI but also they are challenged to be advocates of quality in their respective institutions,” Chamen said.

Participants who pass the training this March will receive a certificate of proficiency with a three-year validity. On April 4-5, a refresher course on HIV Proficiency will be held at RITM for those who have expired proficiency certificates.

Remaining training courses for this year are as follows:

  • May 6-11 (Colegio San Agustin, Bacolod City)
  • July 22-27 (RITM Training Center)
  • October 21-26 (RITM Training Center)
  • December 1-6 (RITM Training Center)

by Allenor R. Enciso, Communication and Engagement Office