Equip laboratory staff with necessary knowledge and skills in performing both solid (conventional: Ogawa and LJ medium) and liquid (MGIT960) TB culture with high proficiency. Specifically to:

    1. Properly collect, transport and store specimens for TB culture
    2. Use the BSC and other laboratory equipment appropriately
    3. Safely handle contaminated liquids and spills
    4. Prepare reagents and media for growth detection
    5. Process specimens for TB culture
    6. Isolate M. tuberculosis on solid and liquid broth-based medium
    7. Introduce novel methods for the identification of MTB complex
    8. Practice biosafety measures for growth detection
    9. Differentiate MTB from NTM colonies
    10. Record and report TB culture and DST results according to NTP guidelines
    11. Know the quality indicators (internal quality controls) and the external quality assessment of growth detection and identification
    12. Plan for optimal laboratory lay-out and workflow

Competencies being acquired
Participants are expected to:

    1. Attain ≥ 90% grade on Laboratory practices.
    2. Pass the Competency examination with ≥ 90% grade.
    3. With ≥80% passing rate on written examination.

Number of Days:
20 days

Target Professions
Registered Medical technologists

Unit conducting the training
National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory Training unit


Contact Number
(02)807-2631, 32, 37 Local 109
(02) 772-2063