Strengthen the knowledge, attitude and skills of NTP Medical/Nurse Coordinators/ Controllers and Medical Technologists in the implementation of Quality Assurance on DSSM in their jurisdiction. Particularly on:

    1. Knowledge on the General Concept of Quality Assurance, its components and methods
    2. Explain on the roles and functions of a QA Center
    3. Know the importance Quality Control in TB microcopy
    4. Practice on-site evaluation
    5. Practice assessing smears using the six checkpoints
    6. Know the computation and the manner of slide selection/collection
    7. Describe how to do feedback
    8. Interpret EQA results
    9. Know how to transfer EQA data in the prescribe form
    10. Proper checking of NTP Laboratory Register

Competencies being acquired
Participants are expected to attain:

    1. ≥85% passing rate on slide reading
    2. ≥90% passing rate on smear assessment
    3. ≥80% passing rate on laboratory form exercises
    4. ≥80% passing rate on written examination
    5. Satisfactory rating on On-site evaluation practice

Number of Days:
5 days

Target Professions
Regional / Provincial/ City Medical Technologists who have undergone Basic Course on DSSM, NTP MOP

Unit conducting the training
National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory Training unit


Contact Number
(02)807-2631, 32, 37 Local 109
(02) 772-2063