Strengthen the laboratory staff with knowledge and skills in performing DSSM using light emitting diode fluorescent microscope. Specifically to:

    1. Explain the National TB Control Program, its position in adopting LED-FM
    2. Understand the roles and functions of Medical technologist / microscopist designates in NTP
    3. Discuss the biosafety requirements and good laboratory practices in TML
    4. Know the proper techniques in the collection, transport and storage of specimen
    5. Perform smears and stain them using Auramine O method
    6. Demonstrate the assembly, proper care, handling and maintenance of LED Fluorescence Microscope, and its basic troubleshooting
    7. Record and report AFB on Auramine stained smears in accordance to NTP guidelines
    8. Know the general concept of QA for DSSM LED-FM

Competencies being acquired
Participants are expected to attain:

    1. ≥85% passing rate on slide reading
    2. ≥90% passing rate on smear preparation
    3. ≥80% passing rate on laboratory form exercises
    4. ≥80% passing rate on written examination

Number of Days:
3 days

Target Professions
Medical technologists or microscopist designates who have been trained on DSSM and with satisfactory performance in EQA.

Unit conducting the training
National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory Training unit


Contact Number
(02)807-2631, 32, 37 Local 109
(02) 772-2063