1.To educate and train veterinariansand animal tecnicians the basic laboratory tool in the diagnosis of rabies using antibody and .antigen detection and molecular detection
    2..To understand the pathogenesis of rabies
    3.To understand the principle of biosafety and biosecurity
    4.To use the proper PPE needed in a given laboratory task
    5.To understand and perform the basic Good Laboratory Practice(GLP)

Competencies being acquired
1. Hands-On demonstration
2. Proper PPE
3. Donning and Doffing procedures
4. Knowledge on Biosafety and Biosecurity

Number of Days
5 days

Frequency of Training

Requested by Regional Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

Schedule of Training
As requested by the RADDL and other LGUs with rabies diagnostic laboratory

Target Professions

Animal Technicians
Laboratory Workers

Php 5000 /person

Unit conducting the training
VRD-Special Pathogens Laboratory (SPL)

Dr. Catalino Demetria: c_demetria@yahoo.com.ph

Contact Number
807-2628 to 32 loc.421