Standardized the knowledge and skills of regional/provincial medical technologists in the conduct of Basic Course on Direct Sputum Smear Microscopy. Specifically, the participants will be able to:

    1. Explain the concepts of AFB microscopy training
    2. Identify teaching methods for specific learning areas
    3. Demonstrate uniform skills on DSSM Assessment

Competencies being acquired
The participants are expected to create, design and present:

    1. Pre and Post Test
    2. Laboratory Practice Evaluation
    3. Course Evaluation
    4. Micro-teaching Presentation
    5. Panel of Standardized Training slides
    6. Action Plan

Number of Days:
5 days

Target Professions

    1. Regional / Provincial/ City Medical Technologists from the regions who have been trained on QA on DSSM and acts as controller at least for two years; have training on NTP MOP
    2. At least two year in TB Program

Unit conducting the training
National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory Training unit


Contact Number
(02)807-2631, 32, 37 Local 109
(02) 772-2063