To train Medical Technologists to be proficient in testing/screening for HIV and other Transfussion Transmissible Infections.

Competencies being acquired

    1. Proper donor selection and interview
    2. Demonstration of basic biosafety principles
    3. Proper pipetting technique
    4. Testing blood using rapid test kits, rapid plasma reagin, particle agglutination and enzyme immunoassay
    5. Validation of test results
    6. Detection of malarial parasites in a blood smear
    7. Employment of principles of quality assurance and quality control

Number of Days:
6 days

Schedule of Training (2023)

All dates are subject to change and a prior notice will be provided to pre-registered participants.

Full Course (Hybrid Format)
a. 24 to 28 April
b. 19 to 23 June
c. 14 to 18 August
d. 09 to 13 October

Target Professions
Licensed Medical Technologists working in a Blood Service Facility

PhP 12,000.00 per participant

Unit conducting the training
Transfusion Transmissible Infections – NRL


Contact Number
(02) 8807 2628 local 229
(02) 8808 2552

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