To improve of enhance the knowledge and skills of the trainees in the diferent methods/ techniques used in the bacteriology laboratory for the isolation, identification and susceptibility of medically important aerobic organisms.

Competencies being acquired

    1. Application of basic biosafety in the laboratory.
    2. Preparation of culture media, biochemical media and other laboratory supplies.
    3. Proper collection, transportation and processing of clinical samples.
    4. Microscopic examination and interpretation of result.
    5. Culture Isolation/ identification of medically important bacterial pathogens and antimicrobial susceptibility testing.
    6. Performance of quality control and good laboratory practices in bacteriology.

Number of Days:
10 days

Frequency of Training
3 times/year

Schedule of Training

Target Professions
Medical technologists (RMT)

PhP 25,000.00/person (inclusive of meals: lunch and 2 snacks)

Unit conducting the training
Microbiology Department

Gloria R. Reclusado, RMT (Training Officer): reclusadogr@yahoo.com

Contact Number
(02)807-2631, 32, 37 Local 604