Updated as of October 2023

Purpose of Activity:

To efficiently deliver a comprehensive training program on the WHONET software

Type of LDI Program: Training

Manner of Conduct: Online


Registration Fee: Php 3,000 / participant


The laboratory information system (LIS) is crucial in managing data generated by clinical laboratories within a healthcare system. However, the cost and effort required to develop an in-house LIS system may be prohibitive for some organizations. As such, alternative solutions that are cost-effective and efficient are needed.

WHONET is a free desktop windows program that provides an effective means of managing and analyzing microbiology data, with a specific emphasis on antimicrobial resistance surveillance. It also offers modules for public health reporting, data encryption, data entry, data analysis, and lab setting, making it a versatile tool for laboratory management.

By providing training sessions on the use of WHONET software, participants can learn about its key features and how to integrate it into their laboratory systems. This training can help organizations to achieve a more seamless flow of information within the healthcare system, resulting in improved laboratory operations and patient care.

Therefore, the use of WHONET can be an excellent solution for organizations looking for a cost-effective and efficient laboratory information management system.


General Objectives:

  • Improve the learner’s familiarity with the primary components of the software.
  • To improve the learner’s ability to accomplish specified tasks with the software, such as running analyses and generating reports.
  • Offer alternatives for managing data and demonstrate how to utilize the software for effective laboratory data management.

Specific Objectives:

  • Learner will be able to utilize WHONET for encoding and generation of hospital reports.
  • Learners will be able to demonstrate the procedures for WHONET configuration and code generation.
  • Learners shall be able to optimize the use of BACLINK software forconversion and data standardization.

Identified Participants

Medical Technologists / Staff working on a diagnostic laboratory, or any health professionals under Data Management Unit of a diagnostic laboratory. There are nine participants for every training batch/ schedule.

Learning and Development Provider
Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Reference Laboratory (ARSRL)

arspsecretariat@gmail.com | secretariat@arsp.com.ph

Contact Number
(02) 807-2631 loc. 243