The training course aims to equip the participant medical technologist and or pathologist the competent knowledge and skills to be able to establish or enhance the management of the bacteriology laboratory.

Competencies being acquired

    1. Understand the evidence based behind the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and the importance of audit and quality control for establishing validity.
    2. Able to process all routine specimens received in the laboratory and carry out further tests necessary for full identification of pathogens.
    3. Understanding current techniques for susceptibility testing including E-test, broth dilution and automated methodologies and performing appropriate quality control.
    4. Ability to provide proper interpretation of the above results based on CLSI standard.
    5. Awareness of understanding and detecting phenotypic method in antimicrobial susceptibility testing and its interpretation.
    6. Understanding the use and limitations of the antibiogram in cases of outbreak investigation and control.
    7. Ability to perform and clinically interpret results of latex agglutination and other serological tests.
    8. Familiarity of automated culture and identification methodologies.
    9. Knowledge of the principles of nucleic acid based techniques including PCR and RT-PCR.
    10. Ability to determine or comply with the indications for referral of isolates to ARSRL.
    11. Familiar with:

  • Quality control for Media, reagents, including daily equipment monitoring and calibration.
  • Quality control including the NEQAS schemes.
  • Team working and time management.
  • Decision making and prioritization skills.
  • Ability to use the WHONET Program for data entry, data analysis, releasing of results and other applications of the program for the management of bacteriology laboratory results.

Number of Days:
1 month (160 hours)

Target Professions
Medical Technologist and or Pathologist

Php15, 000.00 excluding board and lodging

Unit conducting the training
Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Reference Laboratory


Contact Number
807-26-28 loc. 241, 243