This training aims to train physicians, nurses, med techs and health personnel from different cities and provinces on how to recognize, diagnose and treat common skin diseases and leprosy. Specifically, it aims to:

    1. Discuss basic skin lesions and give examples of diseases;
    2. Discuss common skin diseases and management;
    3. Give updates on the Global and National Leprosy Status;
    4. Discuss the Epidemiology and Clinical Spectrum of Leprosy;
    5. Discuss the differential diagnosis of leprosy;
    6. Discuss and demonstrate Skin Smear Examination, Staining and Microscopy;
    7. Discuss the diagnostic tests done for Leprosy patients;
    8. Demonstrate how to properly do Nerve Function Assessment;
    9. Discuss MDT and Alternative treatment for Leprosy;
    10. Discuss treatment of Lepra Reactions;
    11. Differentiate between and Treatment failure and Relapse; and
    12. Discuss researches conducted on Leprosy.

Competencies being acquired

    1. Knowledge on Basic skin lesions
    2. Diagnosis and Management of Common skin diseases
    3. Updates on the Global and National Leprosy Status
    4. Basic Facts about Leprosy: Epidemiology, Classification and Treatment Regimens (MDT and Alternative treatment)
    5. How to do Skin Smear Examination, Staining and Microscopy
    6. Differential diagnosis of leprosy
    7. Proper performance of Nerve Function Assessment (NFA)
    8. Management of Lepra Reactions and Relapse
    9. Caring for the leprosy patients

Number of Days:
5 days

Schedule of Training

Target Professions

    • Physicians
    • Nurses
    • Medical Technologists
    • Midwives
    • Barangay Health workers

Free (Funded by NLCP)

Unit conducting the training
Leprosy Unit Dermatology Department


Contact Number
(02) 842-6282