This training program aims to:

    1. Produce competent dermatologists sensitive to the needs of the community;
    2. Provide avenues for exchange of ideas that will enhance the science and art of dermatology;
    3. Impart guidance in writing a publishable case report; and
    4. Encourage dermatologists to conduct and publish researches relevant to the practice of dermatology

Competencies being acquired
After the training, participants should be able to:

    1. Perform good history taking, conduct thorough physical examination, formulate rational differential diagnoses, arrive at correct diagnoses, and implement proper management to various dermatological diseases;
    2. Learn the histopathology of the skin and its appendages and make an accurate diagnosis based on clinicopathologic correlation;
    3. Acquire skills in performing various dermatologic procedures;
    4. Write a case report;
    5. Conduct a research study; and
    6. Publish case reports and research papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Number of Days:
3 years and 1 month; At least 2 months of pre-residency

Frequency of Training
Every year

Target Professions
Physicians with Board certification from the Philippines Medical Board of Examiners


Unit conducting the training
Department of Dermatology Consultant Staff


Contact Number
(02) 842-6282