Training Office spearheads training module workshop
In photo: LDI coordinators participated in various workshops throughout the 2-day training

The Training Office conducted a Training Module Workshop on May 28-29, 2019 at the Crimson Hotel Alabang. The writeshop was done to develop a comprehensive training module for training participants and lecturers of trainings being conducted by the Institute.

The Institute has been conducting trainings for so long and yet, we are using different modules. Not only will the output of this training serve as branding for the Instiute’s trainings, this workshop will also provide comprehensive materials for our training participants and lecturers and most importantly we will be able to set what impact do we really want to have in the existing conditions of health care in the country.” explained Dr. Fedelino Malbas, head of Training Office.

A total of ten trainings from Clinical Research Division, Biologicals Manufacturing Division,  Molecular Biology Department, Parasitology Department, Veterinary Research Department, and Pathology Department were reviewed during the two-day writeshop. A planning and evaluation tool was developed as part of the writeshop to establish what impact does the trainings really intend to achieve and how will each unit measure if the training resulted into the achievement of the desired impact. Also, the participants were able to develop a training module composed of a briefer, curriculum, agenda, slide decks, and partial lecturer’s notes wherein the complete output will be submitted after two months. 

The final output of the training is expected to be used during the last quarter of the year. The Training Office also intends to conduct more workshops to harmonize the rest of the trainings being offered by the Institute.

by: Rob Matala, Training Office