RITM strongly believes that the goal to control and eliminate infectious and tropical diseases requires the efforts of the whole nation. Empowerment of more individuals brings us closer to this goal.

Our Medical Experts

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Outpatient Services

True to the mandate of the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, the Clinical Research Division (CRD) serves to link the institute to the patients and other stakeholders in need of its clinical expertise, diagnostic facilities and research capabilities.

Hospital Services

RITM’s Clinical Research Division (CRD) provides clinical care to patients suffering from communicable diseases, and is run by infectious disease healthcare experts.

Laboratory Services

The Laboratory Research Division (LRD) is one of 4 divisions of the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine.

Support Services

Public Assistance Complaints Unit (PACU) is a committee formed by virtue of RITM Office Order 074 dated January 4, 2010.