RITM sets research agenda to strengthen study groups

The Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) through its newly established Research and Innovation Office (RIO) held the first Institutional Research Agenda Setting to identify research priorities and to develop a comprehensive research agenda for the Institution last January 26-27 at the Orchid Garden Suites, Manila.

Almost 60 attendees of RITM investigators, and representatives from different study groups participated in the two-day workshop. The output of the workshop will encompass the future research work of the Institute for the next five years.

According to RIO Senior Science Research Specialist Kristel Perdigon, RITM marks this as its initial research agenda output.
“This is a milestone event for the Institution, because it has generated research objectives that will serve as the research targets of RITM in the coming years. The workshop has set future research directions and priorities in the field of tropical and infectious diseases in the Philippines,” she emphasized.

Once collated and finalized, the coherent research agenda will be presented to the Department of Health and lobby for support and funding.
RITM Director Dr. Socorro Lupisan thankfully graced the event and excited participants about her research directions for the Institute.
She mentioned strengthened collaboration with external and foreign partners, formal ties with other hospitals and institutions, publications and dissemination of research outputs, investigator-initiated researches, and funding support.

Hinged on the Institution’s mission of producing globally competitive research, RITM expects 80% of its researches to address current public health concerns, and 50% of its research outputs to be published in international journals by the year 2018.

by Allenor Enciso