RITM nurses treat young patients to gift-giving, feeding
In photo: Chummy Chum mascot entertains parents and children as part of the Nursing Department’s gift-giving activity. Photo by: Eleni Rondael, CRD

The RITM Nursing Department festooned the hospital waiting lobby with balloons, bubbles, toys, and snacks for its young patients on July 5, 2019 as part of its monthly community engagement activities.

It is the Nursing Department’s way of giving back to our patients because despite having a work that is prone to various infectious diseases, our frontliners remain strong and healthy,” says RITM Nurse Manager Ma. Evelyn Infante.  According to Infante, the Department, in collaboration with the Dietary Department, is also set to conduct a feeding program in the reclamation area of Alabang on July 11, 2019 in celebration of the Nutrition Month.

Sponsored by the Chummy Chum Foundation, the gift giving activity drives its mission to bring joy to children in government hospital facilities.
The children were given toys and snacks so they could feel happy and at home. We want them to feel at ease when inside our facility because we know they are frightened by the injections we administer to them,” says Infante.

Just this year, the DOH-HFEP has released a new guideline for all government-owned hospitals to ensure that it promotes a therapeutic and supportive environment, putting priority to people’s needs and well-being.