RITM leads International Course on Implementation Research
In photo: Participants work together in developing IR concept proposals in their respective field of expertise

RITM, through its Training Office (TO), equipped six program managers and implementers with the know-how to develop an implementation research (IR) concept proposal. 

Led by Department of Parasitology Head Dr. Fe Esperanza Espino, the four-day course aimed to foster a better appreciation of the IR concept, through the process of writing a proposal, and transfer the necessary knowledge and skills to equip the participants to be potential IR facilitators. 

The four proposals on health interventions for soil transmitted helminths (STH) and malaria were further refined through plenary and Q&A sessions led by Dr. Ari Probandari of the Universitas Gadjah Mada Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing, Center for Tropical Medicine Head of Doctoral Program, alongside RITM facilitators.

Participants who completed the training course were from Department of Education Region IV-A and Provincial Health Office of Masbate Philippines, Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research, and National Institute of Malaria, Parasitology and Entomology, Hanoi, Vietnam. 

I’m very lucky to attend this IR training, because I never thought I could write a research proposal,” said Masbate Provincial Health Officer Ms. Marilou Almodal, Sanitation Engineer, Provincial Health Office, Masbate. “I can implement what I learned here to other special programs like environmental sanitation, rabies, and leprosy, that could better the health programs in our province.” 

The course ran from 27-30 January 2020 and was based on the WHO-TDR RTC Implementation Research course toolkit.

by Allenor Enciso, Information Officer III, Communication and Engagement Office