RITM is outbreak-ready

As one of the laboratories for emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases (EREIDs), the Molecular Biology Laboratory (MBL) conducts the re-orientation and proficiency testing of RITM laboratory responders starting this February.

According to MBL, the annual activity is conducted to maintain a ready pool of trained and proficient laboratory responders in the event of a public health emergency. This year, the activity is accredited with 20 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) units by the Council of Medical Technology.

17 MBL staff as first line responders and 18 staff from different departments of the Laboratory Research Division as second line responders are participating in the proficiency test this year.

The activity will equip RITM lab responders with skills in performing molecular diagnostic assays for outbreak response, and test their proficiency in nucleic acid extraction and real-time PCR following a prescribed testing algorithm.

In the advent of infectious disease outbreaks, RITM remains ready in its laboratory testing capacity and manpower.