The RITM-Schistosomiasis Study Group was organized by Dr. Remigio M. Olveda in early 1981 to generate research evidence-based information that will lead to the elimination and or eradication of schistosomiasis in the Philippines.

Combining both field and laboratory-based researches, the research program objectives are: 1) The development of cost-effective schistosomiasis control measures based on existing technology that can be applied by the Department of Health in schistosomiasis endemic areas in the Philippines; 2) The development of alternative diagnostic tests for determining prevalence and intensity of infection in field settings; and 3) The conduct of studies that will provide new insights in the pathogenesis of disease and resistance to Schistosoma japonicum infection that can include the development of a safe and effective vaccine against establishment of infection.

In 2006 SSG has been awarded the Outstanding Health Research Award (OHRA) for Biomedical Research by the PCHRD.