The Leprosy Research Group,established in 1992 conducted many researches in collaboration with DOH and WHO. All residents are required to have at least one research paper prior to graduation with their consultant/s as co-investigators. Focus is not only on Leprosy but also on other dermatological diseases. At present, the Leprosy Research Group is headed by Dr. Ma. Teresita Gabriel. To date, we have produced 18 researches on Leprosy and 67 researches on other cutaneous diseases. We will continue to partner with funding agencies, hospitals, communities and institutions in our trust to advance in the field of research.

Leprosy Study Group

Research Program Leader: Dr. Ma. Teresita G. Gabriel
Research Core Group:
Dr. Reynaldo L Ugalde
Dr. Gracia B. Teodosio
Dr. Ricky H. Hipolito
Dr. Alexander R. Castillo
Dr. Leilani R. Senador
Dr. Ciara Mae H. dela Cruz
Dr. Ma. Kriselda Dar Santos Cabrera
Dr. Cherry Lyn P. dela Seña
Dr. Veronica S. Uy, Dr. Ira Theresia
Dr. Mary Catherine T. Galang
Dr. Kristy Elleza R. Evangelista
Dr. Pauline Consuelo R. Velasco
Dr. Catherine T. Go-Teodosio
Dr. Abigael T. Villanueva
Dr. Carmelie Marisse A. Villespin
Dr. Mohammad Yoga Adi Waskito
Dr. Lunardi Bintanjoyo