The objective of the ARI study group is to conduct researches to help control childhood pneumonia. We studied the WHO pneumonia control program: early diagnosis of pneumonia using simple signs and symptoms easily recognized by mothers and health care workers, and treatment of pneumonia with antibiotics. We determined pneumonia etiology, and conducted clinical trials on the efficacy of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) in preventing pneumonia. We are revisiting the algorithm used in the diagnosis of pneumonia in community health care facilities, continuing etiology studies, with plans of studying cytokine as a biomarker of severe influenza-associated pneumonia.]

Research Program Leader:
Marilla G. Lucero

Research Core Group:
Socorro P. Lupisan
Beatriz Quiambao
Salvacion Gatchalian
Lydia Sombrero
Rose Capeding
Veronica Tallo
Joanne Dejesus
Leilani T. Nillos
Vernoni E. Dulalia
Melissa Mondoy