The National Poliovirus Laboratory provides support and technical expertise to the Acute Flaccid Paralysis Surveillance of the Department of Health by providing virologic evidence of the lack of circulating Poliovirus in the country. Aside from this, the laboratory provides assistance to various activities by DOH, such as facilitating trainings, advocacy campaigns and research collaborations.

As the country’s response to WHO’s call for global Poliovirus eradication, the NPL is tasked to lead the Laboratory Containment of Poliovirus activities and to establish a national environmental surveillance to detect silent and current circulation of the virus.

The NPL is also responsible for the detection of EV-71 and other subtypes in cases of Hand-Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) received under the Philippine Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (PIDSR).

Supervisor: Lea Necitas G. Apostol, PhD
Technical Group Members:
Leonibel A. Reyes, RMT
Ma. Anne-Lesley D. Valencia, RMT, MPH
Maria Melissa Ann D. Jiao, RMT
Krystle Apple M. Cruz, RMT