Designated by WHO, RITM as National Laboratory for Invasive Bacterial-Vaccine Preventable Diseases, 10 July 2012. The laboratory receives referred isolates of S. pneumoniae, H. inlfluenzae, N. meningitidis from hospitals all over the country for confirmatory, antibiotic sensitivity test to identify resistance pattern, serotyping and serogrouping respectively It is also responsible on the surveillance from sentinel sites of S. pneumoniae, H. inlfluenzae, N. meningitides as causative agents of invasive infection in bacterial meningitis. The laboratory submits its results to DOH, specifically to National Epidemiology Center (NEC) and to National Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

It has its sentinel sites in the following regions:

NCR – National Children’s Hospital
CAR – Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center
Region I – Ilocos Training Regional Medical Center
Region II – Cagayan Valley Medical Center
Region  III – Jose B. Lingad Memorial Regional Hospital
Region IV-A – Batangas Medical Center
Region IV-B – Ospital ng Palawan
Region V – Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital
Region VI – Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital
Region VII – Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center
Region XI – Southern Philippines Medical Center