Guidelines on Covid-19 Laboratory Training Request

RITM strongly believes that the goal to control and eliminate infectious and tropical diseases requires the efforts of the whole nation. The empowerment of more individuals brings the Institute closer to this goal. With training as one of the main thrusts of RITM, it ensures that the knowledge and skills necessary for the diagnosis, control, and prevention of infectious and tropical diseases reach the country’s health responders.

In accordance with Department Order No. 393 E .2000, (Designation of National Reference Laboratories and Transfer of Corresponding Equipment, Instruments, Supplies, Specimens, Records from the Bureau of Research and Laboratories), the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine has been mandated to provide training and capacity building for medical technologists and laboratory staff.

Through its Laboratory Research Division (LRD), RITM shares its expertise with other laboratories through various trainings aimed at building laboratory technical capacity in infectious disease microbiology. Regular trainings range from basic workshops on specimen collection to the performance of specialized laboratory tests, from virus isolation to bacterial detection; from microscopy to serologic and molecular techniques; from biosafety to ethical use of laboratory animals in research.

The purpose of this document is to describe the guidelines on requesting Covid-19 laboratory trainings.