RITM celebrates Global Handwashing Day
IPCU Team members demonstrating the steps of proper handwashing to RITM Animal Bite Treatment Center patients last October 17, 2022.

Commencing the International Infection Prevention Week and in observance of the Global Handwashing Day, the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) through its Infection Prevention and Control Unit (IPCU) conducted a series of hand hygiene activities for the Institute’s patients and employees last October 17, 2022.

The IPCU Team members demonstrated the steps of proper handwashing to the patients of the RITM Outpatient Department with the help of the hand hygiene mascot. Patients of the RITM Dermatology Department and Animal Bite Treatment Center actively participated in the hand hygiene exercises.

“[A]ng tamang paghuhugas ng kamay ay napakaimportante para hindi po tayo tayo mahawa sa iba’t ibang uri ng sakit,” said IPCU Nurse Carolyn Boongaling to the patients of the RITM Animal Bite Treatment Center.

(Proper handwashing is very important to prevent ourselves from acquiring various illnesses.)

After the handwashing demonstration, the IPCU Team roamed the RITM premises to introduce the hand hygiene mascot. RITM employees as well as patients were encouraged to take photos with the mascot as part of the “Clean Hands Save Lives” campaign. Several employees took part in the photo op initiative.

IPCU recommends the following handwashing/hand rubbing steps to ensure clean hands:

  1. Apply sufficient amount of soap or alcohol to hands.
  2. Rub both palms against each other.
  3. Rub left palm over the back of the right hand, then vice versa.
  4. Rub both palms with interlaced fingers.
  5. Rub back of fingers of the right hand while interlocked with the fingers of the left hand, then vice versa.
  6. Rub the left thumb in a rotational motion while clasped by the right palm, then vice versa.
  7. Clasp fingers of left hand and rub in a rotational motion against the palm of the right hand, then vice versa.

by Anel Azel Dimaano