RITM-BRMO Head hailed as BRAP 2022 Biosafety Champion
RITM-BRMO Head, Plebeian B. Medina, giving his acceptance speech during the 5th BRAP Annual Convention and 3rd International Forum on 03 September 2022.

RITM Biorisk Management Office Head, Plebeian B. Medina, was chosen as the 1st Biorisk Association of the Philippines (BRAP) 2022 Biosafety Champion during the 5th BRAP Annual Convention and 3rd International Forum held on 03 September 2022. 

“Nothing is more fulfilling than witnessing change and improvements in laboratories because of biosafety and biosecurity. We as biorisk officers are agents of change. Our service is priceless,” says Mr. Medina in his acceptance speech.

The BRAP Committee on Awards, Biosafety Champion Working Group, defined a BRAP Biosafety Champion as a remarkable and inspiring person who has been recognized by the local biosafety community for making a significant difference in improving the practice of biosafety and biosecurity in the Philippines. The BRAP Biosafety Champion shall serve as a role model for others, emphasizing the importance of each individual in the fight against infectious diseases through biosafety, biosecurity, and biorisk management.

Mr. Medina is a Certified Biosafety Officer and a Certified Professional by the International Federation of Biosafety Association (IFBA) in Biorisk Management and Biosecurity. He established and currently leads the RITM Biorisk Management Office, and chairs the Institutional Biosafety Committee.

Among his notable achievements in the Institute is the establishment of the ladderized biosafety training in 2015 which then evolved to a national training program aiming to develop and promote the culture of Biosafety in the public health preparedness, service, and response at RITM in 2015.

Under Mr. Medina’s leadership, the RITM-BRMO continues to introduce new platforms for free online biorisk-related training services for scientists, laboratory professionals, academes, and other professionals. His current research initiatives are geared towards the improvement of biobanking practices as a pillar of good biosecurity management.

by Yvette Kirsten Gimena, Communication and Engagement Office