The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer exercises supervision and control of the Division and all its departments. Likewise, it provides advice and recommendation to the Head of the Institute in terms of human resource management, logistical support, maintenance of facilities and properties, security, and other support services.

Property and Supply Department

This department is primarily responsible in the administration of RITM properties such as supplies, materials and equipment from its acquisition to disposition. It is responsible in ensuring the timely accurate and complete issuance of materials to various Departments/ Sections/ Units of the Institute. It is, also, primarily involved in planning, forecasting, ordering, delivery, inspection and acceptance, storage, inventory, distribution, utilization, and disposal of supplies, materials, and equipment.

Human Resource Management Department

This department is mandated to develop human resource, and ensure adequate, competent, committed, effective, and globally competitive manpower for the Institute. It also manages human resource (HR)-related program such as HR Management and Development Program, Personnel Administration, Learning, and Development Programs.

Biomedical Engineering Department

This department is mandated to provide corrective and preventive services to all hospital and laboratory equipment and instrument. It is also tasked to develop programs and policies related to acquisition, operation, and provision of maintenance services of all medical and laboratory equipment.

General Engineering Department

It is primarily responsible for the maintenance of RITM facilities such as building, air-conditioning system, electrical system, water supply, waste water system facilities, and communication system. This department is mandated to oversee new construction projects and repairs and renovation of existing buildings, provision of transport services to all RITM offices and employees, and maintenance of RITM vehicles. It is also in charge of the proper disposal of regular and infectious waste.

General Records Department

It provides records management and messengerial services to the Institute. It is tasked with archiving and disposal of all records of the Institute.