The Office of the Director

The DO provides the leadership, policy direction and general supervision to the institute.

The Office of the Assistant Director

The Assistant Director’s Office supports the Office of the Director in the implementation of program activities of the institute.

Laboratory Research Division

The Laboratory Research Division drives RITM’s excellence in the laboratory research and development, training and reference laboratory services for infectious diseases.

Clinical Research Division

The Clinical Research Division (CRD) is the division primarily in charge of patient care.

Biologicals Manufacturing Division

The Biologicals Manufacturing Division is responsible for the production of freeze-dried Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG) vaccine and liquid Purified Cobra Anti-Venom (PCAV).

Administrative Division

The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer exercises supervision and control of the Division and all its departments.

Finance Division

The Finance Division supervises the financial processes of the institute.