RITM provides state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to research, training, clinical care, and biologicals manufacturing. It houses laboratories, hospital facilities, biologicals production facilities, isolate bank, training center, and dormitory.


RITM, through its Laboratory Research Division (LRD) provides technical expertise in the lab diagnosis and characterization of infectious agents in the country. LRD is ably supported by competent researchers, well-equipped facilities, and highly-proficient lab staff.

Hospital Facilities

True to the mandate of the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, the Clinical Research Division (CRD) serves to link the institute to the patients and other stakeholders in need of its clinical expertise, diagnostic facilities, and research capabilities.

Biologicals Production Facilities

The Biologicals Manufacturing Division (BMD) is well equipped with facilities dedicated to vaccine production and storage. BMD houses the Production Department, Quality Control Department, Purified Cobra Anti-Venom (PCAV) Injection Facilities, BCG Vaccine Facilities, Quality Control (QC) and Testing Facilities, and Support Facilities.

Vaccine Storage

The Storage and Distribution Department receives, rejects, quarantines, stores raw materials for vaccine production, and distributes local and imported vaccines.

Isolate Bank

RITM Biological Bank is the central storage facility for specimen, isolates, and biological materials. The entire facility houses 30 Medical Deep Freezer and three – 25⁰C Walk-In Freezer units.

Training Center

The RITM Training Center was built in 1989 with the goal of becoming the Center for Training in Infectious Disease—including trainings of medical and paramedical personnel within the Institution, from other health agencies in the country, and from other developing countries in the region.

Dorm/Residence Hall

RITM also has a Residence Hall that boasts of 53 rooms, a wide courtyard, cozy common rooms, a library, and a canteen. Twenty-six (26) rooms are allotted for guests and visiting training participants, while the remaining 27 rooms house the RITM staff. The canteen is open and serves food for both employees and patients every day, except during holidays.