Transfusions-Transmissible Infections


By virtue of Department Order No. 393-E series of 2000, the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine was designated as the National Reference Laboratory for confirmatory testing of blood donors and units. Under Memorandum Circular No. 126, the Transfusion Transmissible Infections – National Reference Laboratory(TTI-NRL) is mandated to perform confirmatory testing of blood donors and units screened reactive for Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1&2, Syphilis and Malaria among blood banks and blood service facilities nationwide. It also provides quality assurance and identify areas for improvement on:

a. Technical Procedures (specificity validation and monitoring of accuracy; site visits)
b. Kit Performance (evaluation through monitoring of screening test results)
c. Provide an External Quality Assessment Scheme to Blood Service Facilities

TTI-NRL provides recommendations and strategies to ensure the safety of blood supply from transfusion transmissible infections and quality assurance as a whole. It trains Medical Technologists of blood banks and/or blood service facilities on testing transfusion transmissible infections and conducts researches to provide data and improve the quality of testing among blood service facilities.